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Recently, initiating a victorious startup grasp a lot: A lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of time. Currently, we have superior technologies that permit us to construct applications for the web and mobile phones easily and rapidly. Regardless of these advances, it’s not unusual to notice startups expend over a year without ever liberating anything. Some get “feature-itis”, others have trouble enlisting technical talent, others are guilty to deliver something that doesn’t live up to their presumption. We founded Brockway Media to assist entrepreneurs to filter their plans into workable products and then escort those products to market swiftly.

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We help you define and prioritize product features to achieve business goals.

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We work together to mockup and design a simple, beautiful user interface.

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Over several weeks, we build the first version of your product with your continuous feedback.

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We devote a full week after each project to quality assurance testing.


Unlike conventional evolution stores, we don’t just receive product demands and crank out code (we do crank out code, but that comes belatedly!). Alternately, our procedure starts with product planning, user stories, user experience testing, and interviews. This inceptive stage gives everyone more insight into what particular difficulty exists in the market and how best to address them. From here, we work with entrepreneurs to prioritize product properties.

With a full set of blueprints that we understand entirely, we can construct an application quickly. Our expansion process leverages the knowledge and libraries we’ve manufactured over the course of launching over a dozen startups. This permits us to comfortably incorporate key features while expending extra time on whatever technical complexities your project introduces. During the build, we encounter repeatedly with entrepreneurs to reveal our advancement.

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Q & A

How Long Will My Project Take?

From user experience through standard guarantee testing, our classic project takes 16 weeks. Why 16 weeks? We’ve found that that’s ample time for us to do a rigorous job on each of the stages while not so much time that we get bogged down in minutiae that aren’t really compulsory to test the startup’s main business presumption. We are firm believers that getting a product in front of actual users is far more precious than building extra insignificant features that probably won’t have a great effect for better or for worse. Instead, we want entrepreneurs to wait to construct additional features until they have proof from users that those features will really support.

How Much Will My Project Cost?

The exact value depends on the project, but our classic project costs ₹700k and 5% equity for a 16-week project. In specific instances, we are capable to flex the cash/equity ratio.

Why Do We Charge Equity?

We take equity in companies for various causes. Firstly, it helps us maintain our wage lower. Secondly, it grants us more reasons to aim for the product’s growth and success. As equity holders, we have a stake in pursuing to furnish technical instrument, take technical interviews and offer strategic suggestions long after our initial build is over.

What Technologies Do You Use?

We have various proficiency with different technologies in Product Development, Cloud Computing, Big Data, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Data Warehousing, Web Development, Mobile Development. Exact technologies depend on the project but mostly we use a multitude of structures across the following programming languages and services: Java, Python, PHP, Objective C, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, AI, QuickBooks, ZOHO, etc.

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