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Banking and Finance

AI expands the gamut of financial services by means of what is called as consumer financial services. Consumer financial services keep the consumers and their unique demands at the core of their highly optimized offerings. AI makes it possible to provide users with a personal financial concierge that automatically lets them choose a suitable style of spending, saving, and investing that is based on their individual habits and goals. With AI in banking, it's possible to create intelligent products that can learn from the customer's financial data and determine what's working for them and what's not, and help them track their financial exercises better.

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Education & Learning

Jetsoftech is prompting the difference in your learning experience by helping our clients deploy transformative solutions in adaptive education, interactivity and online assessment. We take great pride in supporting education publishers, eLearning companies and corporate training. Making a contrast for millions of students worldwide across the full spectrum, from K-12, higher education through professional training. We provide end-to-end services that include solutions development for online assessment, developing eLearning modules and mobile content distribution.

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Retail & Consumer

Our retail and consumer customers feel and avail from the drive and power of the firm. We have skilled, ambitious and intellectually curious people who aim to achieve victory and encourage trust in our customers, tailoring our solutions to their requirements. Our retail & consumer department provides our customers with leading-edge guidance on issues from governance through to technology, helping companies manage change, simplify the web, stay customer centred and work at a moderate cost with excellent agility.

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Real Estate

Technology advances to be a catalyst for innovation in all areas of business and industry and the real estate business is no different. Today’s users are more mobile and more connected than ever before, which means that companies can operate anyplace. Particularly in developed urban centres, the pushback against increasing real estate leasing and ownership costs is escalating. Innovations in cloud-based data storage security are in need also online marketplaces such are promoting connections between users and businesses around the globe is trending.

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Travel, Transport & Logistic

Client support is the framework of the travel and transportation business, but users can be confused with the options available to them. Innovation and productivity help you stand out, and we can assist streamline formulae, advanced security and control costs so you can reach your objective. Our expertise in travel solution delivery and e-business technologies will help sustain that important connection with your customers.

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Life Science & Health Care

The task we do for Health care is formed like a triangle. Every layer drawn is critical to the overall success of your business. At the base is everything that includes revenue cycle as this is key to your organization’s survival. Construction on revenue cycle is patient engagement, the communications required to keep patients connected and active in sustaining or improving their health. Effective information is a need in the shift to value-based care.

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Our Recent Works

Hire a professional

Jetsoftech proposes you the option to hire an individual or a team to achieve your goals. Our eminently trained professionals and intelligent project management software helps you to follow every minute data at one single click. We offer individual and team as low as $39/Hr. Select the best option which fits your need or ping us so we can assist you in choosing an individual, team or to work on a fixed plan.

Hire individual

Got a small/medium jobs to do? Hire a trained professional to do it. We offer dedicated hourly based experts who can accomplish your tasks and make it run flawlessly. Our smart time tracking system lets you know hour to hour updates. You can create and track the status of tasks at a single click.

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Hire team

Execute fantastic ideas with our dedicated professional teams and bring your dream project into action. The best ever solution for any SME's, Startups or Enterprises to bring down your requirement into action hassle free. The set of very qualified experts will take care of your requirements and implementation.

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Fixed plan

If you have a clear plan for your project, then fixed projects are the best option for you. We work on a fixed scope of work and execute it. The fixed rate projects include planning, development, testing, and execution. Our smart project management system will keep you updated with all the task and status of the project.

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