How we managed Live 35000+ students concurrently

Project Overview

We provided a comprehensive range of services including media server, WebRTC, enterprise web, digital media marketing, and cloud storage for our client. Our solutions were designed to meet the client’s requirements and support their business objectives.

Our media server technology enabled the client to stream live and recorded lectures to more than 35,000 concurrent users. The WebRTC solution was used to facilitate real-time communication between the users and the platform, making it easy for them to interact and engage with the content.

The Back Story

The enterprise web platform was designed to provide a robust and scalable solution that could handle the high demand for streaming content. Our team of experts worked closely with the client to ensure that the platform was easy to use, highly functional, and responsive to user needs.

Our digital media marketing team helped the client to promote their platform and reach a wider audience. We utilized a variety of digital marketing channels including social media, email, and display advertising to drive traffic to the platform and increase user engagement. Our cloud storage solution provided secure and reliable storage for the client’s data, ensuring that it was always accessible and protected from potential data loss or theft. In addition to these services, we also implemented a payment processing system that allowed users to make payments securely and easily. To date, our platform has processed more than 1 million USD in payments and counting.

Overall, our solutions enabled our client to build a successful and highly profitable platform that has gained a loyal user base and continues to grow and expand.